Monday is Remember Day!

Monday is Remember Day!

Share with us your happy memories this Blue Monday

Today we will start our daily themed posts based on the manifesto of our Nostalgianeers which is made up of the 7 wondrous things we can do to make us happy human beings. We will explore each one on a different day of the week – so:

Monday is Remember Day
Tuesday is Treasure Day
Wednesday is Create Day
Thursday is Provide Day
Friday is Maintain Day
Saturday is Inspire Day
Sunday is Delight Day

You can take a look at our Nostalgianeer manifesto to get a clearer idea of what is covered in each one here
On each day we will be sharing the thoughts, passions, creations, recipes and inspiration of our fellow Nostalgianeer members related to the topic of the day, so if you would like to share an idea for a future post just email me – otherwise you are welcome to add your comments and share pictures below each status.


Ok so for our first remember day- as this is Blue Monday – we thought it would be nice for us all to share some happy memories –

To kick off, my happy memory which never fails to cheer me up is of my Grandma – my mothers, mother, who we called Gramma. She had a wicked sense of humour and as a small child she took me and my younger brother on a trip to the beach (Coney Beach in Porthcawl) for a picnic, but before we left she made herself a simple sliced tomato sandwich seasoned with salt and pepper, wrapped it in clingfilm and sat on it! which I thought was hilarious – she said that the best bit about a seaside picnic was squashed tomato sandwiches and she wanted to make sure they were just right. I think of this memory often, she died at the far too early age of 64 when I was just 16 and it reminds be that simple pleasures can be worth more than gold. I also have fond memories of this particular trip as I was given a whole packet of spangles to eat – what a treat! (sorry you have to be of a certain age to remember them! click here to find out about Spangles

I look forward to you sharing your happy memories below and tomorrow we will post something relating to TREASURE.


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