Tuesday is Treasure Day!

Tuesday is Treasure Day

In honour of the 2nd point of our Nostalgianeer Manifesto – which is:
We aspire to treasure vintage, antique, hand-crafted, homemade and natural items and surround ourselves with beautiful, well-made and meaningful objects which bring us joy each time we look upon or use them.

Check out our NostalgiCheck out our Nostalgianeer Manifesto hereaneer Manifesto here

So I am sharing with you one of my treasures – which is my collection of riveted china. I hunt out these ingeniously repaired survivors of a bygone age with a great passion – they are quite difficult to come by though as our modern view is that if something is broken then it should just be thrown away. I love the idea of people investing their time and energy into mending a simple plate, either because they couldn’t bare to part with it or they had no choice as they couldn’t afford a new one or replacements were hard to come by. The art of repairing i something we are loosing in our disposable modern world and my collection is a tribute to a different era and how clever people can be.

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Please share some of your treasures and collections with us and if you are a Nostalgianeer and would like to contribute a future post on one of our 7 Nostalgianeer aims, just send me and email – nicole@prettynostalgic.co.uk

Wishing you happy days from vintage ways

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