Wednesday is Create Day!

Create is the third point on our Nostalgianeer Manifesto.

” As Nostalgianeers aspire to create as many things as we can for ourselves, learning new crafts and skills, recycling and reusing materials where possible and taking pride in our own handiwork and valuing that of others.”

I have shared a photo of the cute bunny doll, which I made for our Pretty Nostalgic Year Book 2016 to accompany the original 1930s instructions. I have never seen myself as a crafter, I have lots of creative ideas and I love to make practical things, but had never tried anything like this before. I decided that if I lived in the 1930s, making this bunny would have been as much a necessity as an enjoyable pursuit and even though I have no daughters, just imagining the joy a little girl would feel receiving it, even though it wasn’t perfect gave me the motivation to try – and I surprised myself! I am sure many of you have far more impressive creative projects you can show us and we would love to see, especially if they have a story behind them.
Let us know if you agree with our Nostalgianeer manifesto and tell us how creating makes you happy.

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