Thursday is PROVIDE Day!!


Provide is the 4th point on our Nostalgianeer manifesto:

“As Nostalgianeers we aspire to provide for ourselves and our families in traditional and sustainable ways; by growing, baking and preserving our food, making clothes, furnishing our homes with items built to last and sourcing as much as possible from local makers and independent suppliers.”

Ok so providing for your family doesn’t mean you have to go straight out and get an allotment and become totally self sufficient! There are so many little things you can do. Today I am sharing you a recipe I invented a few weeks ago, while I was deliberating what to have for lunch. In the fridge there was a chunk of hard cheddar cheese and little else. I often make potted cheese (recipe in vol 11 of Pretty Nostalgic magazine) but decided to use some of the pickled nasturtium buds I had made at the end of the summer; they have a hot mustard type of taste, which I thought would go nicely with the cheese.

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So I used my trusty hand mincer to mince the cheese and a table spoon of nasturtium buds together and then mixed it into the consistency of a dip with a little mayonnaise and served with crackers – and I have to say it was delicious! and would make a great dip at a party – the vinegary peppery buds mixed with the cheese and mayo really worked. I love experimenting with food, especially if it is free!
It wont be long before we can think about planting seeds, so do grow some nasturtiums as not only can you eat their buds, but also their flowers and leaves too.
Do share your PROVIDE ideas with us.
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