Friday is Maintain Day!

Friday is Maintain Day!
In honour of the 5th point of our Nostalgianeer Manifesto

“As a Nostalgianeer we aim to maintain our homes, possessions and environment with care, investing in sustainable materials and objects, looking after and repairing them, then protecting and preserving them for the future”

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I thought i would share with you some of the period features in my house which I am hoping to restore to its former glory. I moved with my family back to my home town of Bridgend 4 months a go and gave up a country small holding with 6 acres for a 7 bedroomed double fronted Victorian Terrace house in the centre of town. The house has had many of the period features stripped out and it will be fun trying to track down replacements. Just after moving this house I attended a weekend course run by The Society For The Protection of Ancient Buildings(SPAB) which was about eco renovating period properties. I wanted to find out more about working with older buildings and how to make them more sustainable and was shocked by how many evils have been done to old houses over the past 50 years. I was shown the damage caused by cement renders and plastic paints and how so called modern practices can have awful side effects. The course also highlighted how we need to be mindful of all elements which make up the history our houses and that we should make an effort to preserve them where we can, which is why I have added a photo of the early bakelite light switch which is still in use in our understairs cupboard.

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I need to make sure that when we have the house rewired in the coming months that the contractor doesn’t automatically rip it off the wall!
We are hoping to be working more with SPAB in the future – there is much to learn.

You can find more information on maintaining old houses from SPAB

If you would like to join the Nostalgianeers visit

Do share your home renovation photos with us if you have any x

Wishing you many happy days from vintage ways

Nicole x

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