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Saturday is INSPIRE Day!!

Saturday is INSPIRE Day!!!
In honour of the 6th point in our Nostalgianeer Manifesto

“As a Nostalgianeer we aspire to inspire others by openly declaring our passion for the past, sharing our knowledge and skills, actively helping other heritage organisations, volunteering our time and teaching others the lessons we have learned from history”

I am continually inspired by the past – which is why I am so passionate about what I do! There are clues and messages left to us by the people of long ago all around us and they constantly remind me that our modern way of living encourages us to cut corners, which we may later regret.
The photo on this status is a gate latch to a field on the Tyntesfield Estate near Bristol, a superb Victorian country now under the protection of The National Trust. The House itself is full of wonderful examples of handcraftsmanship, but it was such a pleasant surprise to see the same attention to detail and pride given to a simple gate, which no fancy visitor would have seen. It is so beautifully made and looks as good now as it would have when first made and will no doubt survive for hundreds of years if maintained. I like the fact that crafts people had the chance to express themselves through the materials and tools they used and the Blacksmith who made it would be proud that it was set to outlive him – his work was his legacy. Nowadays most builders look for the bottom line and would buy a cheap, ugly mass produced gate latch, because “it will do”, and the fact that it would need replacing just a few years later would not be their problem so why worry!
I would love to hear what or who inspires you.
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Friday is Maintain Day!

Friday is Maintain Day! In honour of the 5th point of our Nostalgianeer Manifesto “As a Nostalgianeer we aim to maintain our homes, possessions and environment with care, investing in sustainable materials and objects, looking after and repairing them, then protecting and preserving them for the future” I thought i would share with you some

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Thursday is PROVIDE Day!!

THURSDAY IS PROVIDE DAY!!! Provide is the 4th point on our Nostalgianeer manifesto: “As Nostalgianeers we aspire to provide for ourselves and our families in traditional and sustainable ways; by growing, baking and preserving our food, making clothes, furnishing our homes with items built to last and sourcing as much as possible from local makers

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Wednesday is Create Day!

WEDNESDAY IS CREATE DAY!!!! Create is the third point on our Nostalgianeer Manifesto. ” As Nostalgianeers aspire to create as many things as we can for ourselves, learning new crafts and skills, recycling and reusing materials where possible and taking pride in our own handiwork and valuing that of others.” I have shared a photo

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Tuesday is Treasure Day!

Tuesday is Treasure Day In honour of the 2nd point of our Nostalgianeer Manifesto – which is: We aspire to treasure vintage, antique, hand-crafted, homemade and natural items and surround ourselves with beautiful, well-made and meaningful objects which bring us joy each time we look upon or use them. Check out our NostalgiCheck out our

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Monday is Remember Day!

Monday is Remember Day! Share with us your happy memories this Blue Monday Today we will start our daily themed posts based on the manifesto of our Nostalgianeers which is made up of the 7 wondrous things we can do to make us happy human beings. We will explore each one on a different day

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Pretty Nostalgic Year Book Review

The Pretty Nostalgic Year Book 2016 is a real insight into bygone eras, with fascinating facts and curiosities – ever wondered where that phrase comes from, or the truth behind that old wives tale? It also includes articles on a make do and mend lifestyle and everything from remembering past events such as those living

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