How you can contribute

How to contribute to our Publications or website

We would love to know how you spend wisely, waste less, appreciate more and live in a Pretty Nostalgic way.

We are always happy to work with our members on web content and ideas – we especially would like to hear your views about what we do, the pretty nostalgic things you have done, made, baked, crafted,upcycled etc, your family and local histories, your collections and history passions and anything else you think our readers and Nostalgianeers would like to know about.

We are a national society and our members are very much at the centre of everything we do.
Our books are written, designed and illustrated with the help of our Nostalgianeer members, either individual or business as well as selected charities or not-for-profit organisations which work in the heritage, education, environmental or craft sectors.

If you wish to write, feature or contribute to any of our publications then you will need to join us first. Sorry we do not accept pre-written content, instead we work with our contributors and together we produce passionate, heartfelt content which we are proud to share.

We do not pay for any contributions and our writers are rarely professionally trained, we publish books because we want to, for the love of it, for the thrill of getting our knowledge and passions into print and the thought of inspiring others and making a difference.

If you wish to contribute in any way please email