Our Manifesto

The Nostalgianeer Manifesto

As Nostalgianeers we keep our hearts in the past, but our minds set on the future and everyday we try to live a little history while making modern life better for everyone.

We aspire to:

Our own personal, family and community histories, honour the memory and memories of all people and revel in nostalgia as long as it brings us enjoyment and comfort.

Vintage, Antique, hand-crafted, homemade and natural items and surround ourselves with beautiful, well-made and meaningful objects which bring us joy each time we look upon or use them.

As many things as we can ourselves, learning new crafts and skills, recycling and reusing materials where possible and taking pride in our own handiwork and valuing that of others.

For ourselves and our families in traditional and sustainable ways; by growing, baking and preserving our food, making clothes, furnishing our homes with items built to last and sourcing as much as possible from local makers and independent suppliers.

Our homes, possessions and environment with care, investing in sustainable materials and objects, looking after and repairing them, then protecting and preserving them for the future.

Others by openly declaring our passion for the past, sharing our knowledge and skills, actively helping other heritage organisations, volunteering our time and teaching others the lessons we have learned from history.

In the wonders of being human, the love of family and friends and the support of community and take the time to enjoy, entertain and celebrate as much as we can.