Who are The Nostalgianeers?


The Nostalgianeers are people who like to get hands on with history, try new things, share skills, meet up and try to make a difference. Generally our Nostalgianeers have a passion for the past, making things last, and putting people first.

Who are we?

We are a group of British history and vintage loving souls – Our hearts are in the past, but our minds are firmly set on the future.

We are interested in how ordinary, everyday people used to live in days gone by and in preserving our intangible cultural heritage the benefit of everyone.

We are a mix of professionals, amateurs and even the historically obsessed. Some of us drive classic cars, live in period homes and love to dress up. Others love to dance, veraciously knit, read old diaries, cook grandma’s recipes and collect vintage china.

Everyone can join us!
We believe in history of the people for the people and by the people – humans are magnificent, brave, inventive, resilient, resourceful, creative and kind – Ordinary people make history everyday and as Nostalgianeers we recognise we have much to learn from those who have lived before us!

If you naturally rebel against “modern” corporate and mass consumerist things, like to live in a hands-on way and truly believe that vintage living is more than just an aesthetic then you will fit right in and we look forward to meeting you.

Together we hope to make the world a better place by doing what people have always done – respecting and learning from the past and passing it on to future generations.